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    Angela Cui - Mars Society

    Our interview with Angela Cui - China Representative of Mars Society. We discussed the discovery of Mars, the role of women in space achievements and how to become a part of community. Follow HerCentury and know more soon!

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    Mentoring sessions are usually conducted individually or in a group setting where we connect corporate or start-up experts with aspiring mentees.


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  • Olga Yanovskaya

    Founder, HerCentury China and HerCentury Spain


    Olga started her career in Russia and since then lived and worked in Europe, Latin America and Asia. She shares the vision that having more female role models helps to realize women´s leadership and creative potential.

    Marianna Yanovskaya

    Co-founder, HerCentury France


    Marianna has built a successful career in Finance in the international environment. She is a leader passionate about women empowerment and has a sound experience in talent development.

    Saikal Gerlach

    HerCentury Germany


    Kyrgyz by birth, German by law and cosmopolitan by spirit, Saikal is a professional in Internal Auditing and SAP-consulting. In 2017 she joined HerCentury, as the Director of Finance and Events she organizes high impact events with the team and promotes women. She holds a senior management position in Internal Audit and enjoys working across diverse cultures such as India, Australia, Eastern Europe, and China. She has a deep understanding of business processes, intercultural communication, micro-political dynamics and career development in the corporate world. Fluent in 4 languages and currently mastering the fifth one, Mandarin. She likes photography, sports, and psychology.

    Sirisha Chada

    HerCentury USA


    A creative and innovative entrepreneur; Sirisha manages her Engineering and Trading company Indhan, LLC based in Shanghai and Houston, which works with Chemical and Pharmaceutical multinational companies.


    Originally from India, studied and worked in the USA for over a decade before setting up her own consulting company and moving to China. She is passionate about entrepreneurship, technology, films and empowering women to reach their true potential. She's been part of HerCentury team since 2017, as the Director of Marketing and Media.

    Deborah Quevedo

    HerCentury Suzhou


    As an internationally certified executive coach and with a decade of experience in corporate finance, Deborah empowers women to thrive in their personal and professional lives. She believes that in order to access the full spectrum that life offers, women need to identify their ambitions, plan a meaningful life path and cultivate positive emotions, healthy habits and relationships.

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    Elena Gladkaya

    HerCentury Hangzhou


    After several years in purchasing Elena took the challenge to relocate to China to manage quality and sourcing in the local market for a global home textile brand with Russian roots. Elena participates in several NGOs and community service projects in China and SEA. Being one of the organizing committee members of Hangzhou Global Readers and thinkers club created by Lin Fan, she sees sharing knowledge, experience and thoughts in a friendly environment empowers all the attendees.

    In HerCentury, Elena wants all the women personal stories of success, even a very small success, get heard as it will not only help to encourage other women to be brave and to grow, but also will make the speakers to rethink their experience, see their growth points, practice storytelling, and see how they could mentor those who will benefit from their stories and experience.


    Karolina Koval

    HerCentury China


    Karolina is a researcher and historian. She is a PhD student in the department of Social Movements and Political Parties within the Faculty of History at the Lomonosov Moscow State University. She began her career as a coordinator for the International Affairs, with the specialization in Asia, Africa and Australia. She also graduated with a degree in Law from the French University College.


    Her scientific interests are Women’s history, Public affairs and International Nuclear Cooperation. She explains the importance of her research is defined by the fact that the study of the history of women’s issue offers a scientific explanation for many modern political processes and their consequences which, are also affected by the modern world development and the paradoxes of globalization.

    Xiaomei Gu


    HerCentury China


    Born and grown in China, Xiaomei is a healthcare professional and passionate about cross-cultural communication, women growth and leadership.

    She joined her century in 2018 and was deeply impressed by its vision and commitment to support women who have the ambition to fulfil their potential.


    Xiaomei is a master in Pharmacy from China Pharmaceutical University and a licensed pharmacist who has years’ experience in marketing, project management, growth strategy under ambiguity in both local companies and MNCs. She enjoys cross-functional communication and collaboration, which not only ensure the success of business but also are inspiring for innovation and personal growth to see things from different perspectives.

    Munkhtuya Nyamdavaa


    HerCentury China



    Tuya is the founder of “Impact discovery” - a travel agency which supports Mongolian orphans and nomad families with the vision to establish a socially responsible and eco tourism model that positively impacts Mongolian society. Managing to successfully operate from a far distance, she has created more flexibility and freedom for herself, enabling her to become an active traveller, life adventurist and resident of four countries: Mongolia, Russia, China and the UK.


    Before starting her entrepreneurial career she worked in market development and operations roles in various multinational companies where she engaged with customer acquisition, product launch and market strategy. She received her master degree in innovation management at Moscow Power Engineering Institute.

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