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A curious Shanghainese soul


Ivy Cheng ZHANG, Her Century China Volunteer and HR and Relations Officer, Anotech Energy

Ivy was born and brought up in Shanghai. As her father worked in Japan, she visited Japan often and developed an open-minded and culturally sensitive mindset from a young age. After obtaining a master degree in UK, Ivy began her career in human resources.
Now, Ivy is the HR and Relations Officer for Anotech Energy, an international engineering consulting company with headquarters in France. She is responsible for international recruitment and acts as HR business partner to facilitate consultants’ work and performance.
目前,Ivy担任法国工程咨询公司Anotech energy的人事及关系主任,她负责全球项目招聘及顾问团队的HRBP,让员工更好的工作。
Ivy has a baby of 2 year old. She enjoys reading books on educating and raising a child, and trying advices with her own kid. Ivy also likes to get inspired trying new things. In her spare time, Ivy is learning French, Cantonese, Ukulele languages and also practices painting.
Recently she went on a trip to Palau, tried snorkelling and scuba diving in so-called Aquarium of God. Ivy is looking forward to meeting new friends, and seeks international opportunities in her career.

Ivy, Shanghainese women have a long history of leadership. What about your family?

I am quite lucky that I am a Shanghainese woman. In our local culture, woman is equal to man, and sometimes takes even a more dominating role. It is not unusual to find out that a woman is responsible for investment strategy and a man is doing all the housework. I think this is a great and women are born to have freedom to chase their own dreams.

You are very curious person, why do you think it is important to continue to learn and to challenge yourself?

I want to explore the most of myself. My value is trying to experience good things as much as possible. Also as a young mother, I want to expand my knowledge while educating my baby.

What do you learn when you travel?

Last month I went to Palau. It is an amazing place. I tried scuba diving and snorkelling. In addition to trying new activities, I enjoyed exploring local culture and people. Exposure to different cultures helps me think out the box. During my journey, I also had a chance to make new friends. I met a Shanghainese lady who worked as a a diving teacher; she has been teaching diving all over Asia. And I am already planning my next journey, probably Norway and Iceland.


Why did you choose to come to Her Century?
你为什么来Her Century?

I want to socialise with more women, learn from then and get inspired. I have been always curious about why some women are very successfully in their profession, what kind of mind set they have. I would like to meet them in person, feel their charisma in person. Maybe one day I will write a book these encounters! I also need a mentor, who can see me from a different angle and bring me a new prospective.


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