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About Her Century, Bio of Olga Y and Dora K

她世纪介绍及Olga Yanovskaya、Dora Ke的个人简介

Her Century is a female network with a focus on one-on-one mentoring for women. We encourage women to step out of their comfort zones and fulfil their personal and professional ambitions. Our mission is to impact the personal journey of women.

Olga Yanovskaya is Co-Founder of Her Century. She was born in Russia, lived and worked in Europe, Latin America and Asia. She is a mix of entrepreneurial spirit and a loyal corporate citizen. She is now a Spanish citizen, comfortable with 5 languages, working in Healthcare industry and living in Shanghai for 2 years.
Olga Yanovskaya是她世纪的创始人之一。她生于俄国,曾旅居欧洲、拉美和亚洲。她既有创业者精神,也是忠实的企业公民。熟练掌握世界5种语言的她,现在是西班牙公民,2年前移居上海,从事健康产业。

Dora Ke is Shanghai lead of Her Century. Starting her career in management consulting and having obtained two master degrees in two countries by the age of 30, Dora strives to pursue more roles in her life as a mentor, connector and more in building an international MBA community, empowering women and helping people to build a unique personal brand.
Dora Ke是她世纪的上海负责人。她的职业生涯起步于管理咨询行业,30岁之前她在2个国家获得2个硕士学位,她致力于打造国际MBA社区,发展女性和打造个人品牌,她也一直在追求更多的人生角色,导师、连结者以及更多。

Dora: Welcome, Olga. Could you tell us about Her Century? What kind of organization is it?
Dora: 欢迎你,Olga, 能向我们介绍一下她世纪吗?这是一个什么样的组织?

Olga: Her Century is a female network, the heart and mind of which is mentoring. Her Century was born out of many years’ personal experience of informal mentoring with colleagues and friends. I realise women need mentors in their lives to help them grow professionally and personally. But it’s very difficult for women to find such roles. So I thought why not build such a network of mentors?
Olga: 她世纪是一个女性社区,其核心和精髓在于导师计划。她世纪诞生于我个人多年非正式地为同事和朋友提供辅导的经验。我意识到女性在个人和职业发展中非常需要导师的角色,但是对女性来说很难找到这样的导师。所以我想为什么不试着打造一个这样的导师社区呢?

Dora: So how does the mentoring work? How do you organise it?

Olga: We actually have a fancier name for it – ‘a flash mentoring’. Ladies who search for professional advice in education, corporate career or entrepreneurship are paired with accomplished women on a monthly basis, face-to-face mentoring session. All the mentors are volunteers, who are committed to have 2-3 sessions with the same mentee.

Dora: Her Century is now active in India, Spain and France. But it all started in China, right?

Olga: Yes, right here in Shanghai. China with its amazing female population was the final trigger. Ladies residing here are all lifelong learners, humble, but extremely ambitious, constantly looking for the next best “her” opportunity. I fell in love with it, like totally in love. And Her Century was born.

Dora: Shanghai is an amazing place with so many networking events going on daily. How do we choose the best investment for our time?

Olga: I think networking is essential to our success. There is a tremendous value in meeting people and building relationship outside your circle. Similarly, having a dedicated mentor maximises your chance of success. At the end, mentoring is like a personalised service, which is all about you.

Dora: This definitely resonates with me. I was in a career transition period and lucky to have female mentors to be supportive in being myself and designing my own life path.

I am also a mentor in Her Century. I joined because I want more women to share the benefit of mentoring without having to struggle all by themselves. So what is the typical reason that mentors join Her Century?

Olga: Being a mentor means giving and receiving. Our mentors like you, are passionate about female community. They are either well established in business corporations or thrive as entrepreneurs. They are eager to listen and willing to share their personal stories of ups and downs.

Dora: Any advice on how to make the best out of your time with your mentor?

Olga: Be authentic and open-minded. This is also a process to learn more about yourself. Talk about your typical struggles and successes so to be better understood. Do take notes and do your homework. Eventually you’ll make breakthrough and be a better self.

Dora: What’s the future plan for Her Century? Will there be other events besides mentoring?

Olga: We are building personal branding series and workshops covering topics of
Shanghai startup ecosystem, Foreign VS. local MBAs, Job hunting at different stages of career and Social innovation in China in the following months.
Olga: 我们正在打造个人品牌系列课程,未来几个月也有各种主题的工作坊,如上海创业圈生态、外国VS.本土MBA、不同职业阶段的求职以及中国的社会创新。

Dora: The concept of mentoring is universal to men and women, Olga. Why only women to women mentoring?

Olga: We women need female role models, who are energised, successful and powerful through their happiness, leadership and support to others. We will engage men in our community definitely but the power of women interacting with each other, the spirit of sisterhood, the humour behind the scenes is invincible. This is Her century and it will happen.

Dora: Finally, who is your mentor, Olga?

Olga: It’s the entire Her Century community. The energy that the ladies bring to the community inspires me to make it better. It is also a personal challenge to build a more impactful and sustainable women network. You, Dora is my mentor in building the community, Grace is my mentor in navigating China, Sophie is my mentor for India, and my mom has been my lifelong mentor. So welcome to Her Century!

Interviewed, written and translated by Dora Ke

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