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Her Chapters | Hangzhou Her Century Chapter is Live!

In collaboration with Shanghai, HerCentury is excited to announce the first successful meeting of the Hangzhou chapter. A network of mentors and mentees was brought together for women to empower each other. The reception from the community was very enthusiastic.

在上海方面的合作帮助下,HerCentury 女性公益互助活动在杭州首次成功举办,开启了在杭州的新篇章。HerCentury 将导师和被指导会友聚集在一起,帮助女士来激励女士,该社团的成员都非常热情。

Special thanks to Nexus Space for opening your wonderful international co-working space.


The response continues to growing as the Hangzhou chapter looks towards future events.

伴随着越来越好的反响和不断壮大的规模,HerCentury 杭州必将迎来更好的未来。

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