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HerCentury launched Ladies Only Community Night

Her Century launched its first “Ladies Only”networking event on April 11th @ Café Sambal with the objective of connecting like-minded women in aninformal and fun atmosphere.

Karin Jannsen, a Dutch Artist was the firstspeaker in this series. She talked about art, creativity and her work. KarinJanssen has been working since 2015 in Shanghai in her own studio in Shanghaiand has exhibited internationally in the Netherlands, Brazil, the UnitedKingdom, Greece, Switzerland and China. Karin is the founder of NIKA ArtProjects in Amsterdam, an initiative to use visual art to make society moreopen and tolerant.

In 2011, the KarinJanssen Project Space was opened in London. In 2015, she relocated to Shanghaito work full time in her studio. Her work has attracted much press attention,amongst others featuring on the cover of the East End Review and is part ofvarious private collections in the Netherlands, the UK, Brazil and China.

The inspirational talk by Karin fostered vividdiscussions among the attending ladies on various topics, this was accompaniedby drinks and jazz music.

Special thanks to Karin Jannsen for herinspiration talk. To learn more about her impressive art on her website, Instagram and Wechat.

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