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Is this Noble?

“Justice is to be found only in imagination” -Alfred Nobel

The Nobel prize symbolizes and honors achievements in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Economic Sciences, Literature and Peace. The Nobel Foundation started awarding these prizes since 1901, it was set up in the honor of Alfred Nobel who invented dynamite.

There are few other honors and awards on this planet as prestigious as the Nobel Prize. Only a chosen few have ever attained this highest honor; 892 individuals to be precise, of these only 48 women have achieved this honor since its inception. In over more than a century the number of women who have been bestowed this honor in the science related fields is (drumroll please), 19.1

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I was thrilled to discover that the number is in double digits. It is hard to believe there aren’t more women who have contributed to discoveries and inventions.

What are the criteria to be a Nobel laureate? Why are there so few women to be honored? Is it the lack of opportunities; if so, why aren’t there more? What are we doing to bridge this gap? We, as a society must find answers to these questions, because I would hate to see another century slip by till us women make it to the triple digits!

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