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Salon Dinner #1 


Artificial Intelligence

Dinner Guests: Ms. Claire Chen (Clobiotics), Dr. Ulf Henning Richter (Tongji University), Mr. Kevin Yang (YunChang), Ms.Athena Wang (XuQi Intelligence,TechX Queen), Mr.Mukesh Sharma (Tech Mahindra)

Hosts: Olga Yanovskaya, Sirisha Chada and Christy Hsu

During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, also more commonly known as the Enlightenment Age, the London coffee houses and the Parisian salons fostered public discourses. The significance of these places lies in the fact that they allowed common people to come together to discuss and debate topics outside of the realm of their daily life.

With the objective of fostering intellectual discourse in today’s day and age, Her Century has launched its Salon Dinners in March 2018. These Salon dinners provide women from different walks of life the opportunity to participate, imbibe and express their views on a myriad topics outside the realm of the regular and mundane.

The first Salon Dinner from Her Century was held on March 29th at Café Sambal in Shanghai. The topic for the evening was Artificial Intelligence, a small group of distinguished guests in this field and many distinguished women from different fields who have an ardent interest in the field of AI gathered for an evening of dinner and debate.

The evening started off with an introduction to the Salon dinners by Olga Yanovskaya, co-founder of Her Century. Dr. Ulf got the ball rolling by discussing about the history of AI. Some of the interesting topics that were covered during the evening included:

  • AI and its current applications
  • What will be the most impactful use of AI in the future?
  • AI and its impact on jobs 
  • Can AI love?Add paragraph text here.

As with any advances in science and technology AI has its share of pros and cons. AI maybe helpful in solving mankind’s worst problems or it may be used to fulfill man’s worst instincts. AI has already penetrated into our daily lives from Siri to Alexa.

This was a great start to reviving a new cultural phenomenon. The dinner was carefully curated with mellifluous music by great women composers Maria Teresa Carreno Garcia de Sena, Cecile Chaminade, Lucija Garuta and Fanny Mendelssohn. Add paragraph text here.

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