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Shanghai August 29th

Monthly mentoring session recap

Hey everyone! Our August 29th meeting was full of passion and productive debates. We had three speakers, sharing their personal and professional stories, followed by a regular one on one mentoring session. Pure energy and inspiration!

"Not the once upon a time stories" but women truly making it happen today :)

Rachel Daydou 海珊

THE SUPER LADY! Rachel is Her Century mentor, entrepreneur, speaker, proudly listed on Forbes China 30Under30 and also a warm and remarkable lady :) She shared with us her life journey and her path all the way from Paris to Shanghai. Her energy is motivating and her drive to succeed is remarkable. Thank you Rachel for your commitment and dedication to Her Century. 

Shayla Jia

Shayla is Her Century mentee. She is very entrepreneurial and is currently busy building a commercialisation strategy for a wonderful start-up, Mogo. And Mogo is all about STEM and early education. Shayla, in her honest and energetic way, shared with us the ups and downs of a startup life. We all love the products we make and we strongly believe in the philosophy behind it. But execution is a key and is tough :) Shayla, you will definitely be a great mentor!

Ildikó Kissimon (德可)

Diko is a survivor. Her international journeys without access to Chinese banking system are the first hand proof for that. Diki is also a social entrepreneur and we are very confident she will make it! As we learned, Diko is also a powerful orator. Her voice is strong and powerful, exactly as we all want to sound when we want to be heard :)

The rest of the evening we enjoyed our one on one mentoring. It is never perfect, it is never enough. The power of 2 women listening and caring for each other. Diversity. The shared desire to succeed. Welcome to Her Century!

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