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STEM the decoded word

This article is an introduction to our new series of weekly articles on STEM and women by Sirisha Chada

We live in an age where James Damore (1) exists, the ex-Google employee who wrote in his infamous memo about why women are biologically not suited for STEM careers. As a woman engineer, I wasn’t surprised that a man can be so outdated in his thought process. Having been working in a predominantly male dominated industry, I have encountered many variations of James Damore in my work life. They are everywhere; in meetings where they would prefer to talk to anyone but a woman, doubting her abilities and undermining her skills.

Despite these and many other obstacles women find inspiration to do marvelous things in science and technology. We want to explore further as to who and what inspires these women to take on formidable challenges. This is a platform for young girls and women in STEM fields to share their experiences and find inspiration to claim “HER CENTURY”.


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