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Weekly reflections from HerCentury China Mentor Deborah Quevedo

Imagine yourself … successful. Don’t try to overthink it; just– whatever that means to you, however it feels– picture yourself there. Feels ambiguous, doesn’t it? “Successful … how? In a career? In romance? With the family? Within society? Am I supposed to have money and fame? Or just achieve impact and significance?” For something everyone seems so obsessed about, we sure are clueless on the topic.

Defining Success. To live life on our own terms, we need a personal definition of success– and we need to own it. Each of us is on a unique journey. At some point, we must stop looking for the formula to succeed and dedicate more time to understanding the significance and intention of our own path. Somewhere on the cross-roads of those intentions and opportunities, our decisions in life will begin to clarify success according to what we truly want… and don’t want.

Defending Success. Setting our own “true North” comes with its own unique challenges. All too often, our firm resolutions waver, vulnerable to the voices around us, our ego, and even well-meaning friends and family. If we find ourselves feeling unsatisfied after achieving what we had believed to be success, it might be time to reassess and eliminate what is not our truth. It’s not about completely blocking outside influences; rather, it’s being mindful in receiving (and filtering) the input.

We should determine what resonates with us, what truly connects with our values and beliefs. The freedom to choose our own path is both beautiful and terrifying, but embrace it! You’re in the driver’s seat and at the end of the day you’re the only one who has to live with your decisions. Make them count.

Developing Success. Life is change. Life is growth. Our definitions of success will evolve over time as we gain new experiences and learn more about ourselves. Accepting failure and loss is part of the process. We should ingrain in our minds that there are going to be challenges, and that we have the capacity to start all over again.

Oftentimes we are faced with two equally important choices. Eventually, we must pick one; but when we do, we feel a sense of loss contemplating what could have been. That’s why we establish our own metric for success; we begin to see these losses as part of the path to a fulfilling life.

So, in conclusion, develop your own definition of success, keep it true to you, and watch it grow and blossom with time. Let these guide you as you make deliberate choices along the way. Work passionately and persistently. Build a meaningful support network within and outside of work. Avoid the naysayers, and hold back from judging others; instead, channel that into positive energy and encourage them in their own personal path. Don’t let your ego dominate this journey called success; rather, embrace the wonder of life as you nurture your soul.

About Deborah

Déborah started her corporate career after graduating Magna Cum Laude from the top university in Argentina, complete with her Masters in International Taxes. Her twelve years of working experience in finance and taxes for companies such as KPMG, IBM, and Schlumberger allowed her to build resilience and grit, to bounce back from adversity, to grow from challenges, and to pursue her true purpose and passion of life coaching.

Certified in the US by CTI and certified internationally by ICF, Déborah launched Prismaticka to empower women to courageously stand up and engage a fulfilling life.

With broad international experience while living and working across the US, Latin America, Europe, and Asia, Déborah uses her skills and experiences to guide women worldwide through their own transitions, relationships, challenges, and opportunities, unlocking their creative potential and leadership.

She believes that in order to access the full spectrum that life offers, women need to identify their ambitions, plan a meaningful life path and cultivate positive emotions, healthy habits and relationships.

Deborah has just assumed the leadership of developing HerCentury activities in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

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