• Mentoring

    We offer a wide range of flexible paid and unpaid mentoring programs and engagements. Mentoring sessions are usually conducted individually or in a group setting where we connect corporate or start-up experts with aspiring mentees.


    Quality mentoring can help young women not only achieve their dreams, but can also significantly strengthen global community, the economy and our world. And that’s what we need in 21 century.

  • Salon Dinners

    HerCentury is committed to contribute to a growth of young aspiring women. Using a format of salon style dinners we promote intellectual conversations on technological and philosophical topics.

    While speakers are usually both men and women, participants seats (maximum 20) are exclusively reserved to women.

    Through enlightening and mind expanding conversations over a casual dinner we aim to engage women in a dialogue on global challenges, future, technology, leadership and entrepreneurship. We encourage women to become fluent debating complex topics, to be comfortable and convicted to express their views.


    We currently organise monthly salons in Shanghai and Paris. Let us know if you would like to organise salon dinners in your city info@hercentury.org.

  • Personal Branding

    We offer on demand workshops and personal consulting services on Personal Branding

    Personal branding workshops focus on Linkedin platform and on building compelling personal stories.

    Suitable for entrepreneurs, freelancers and corporate professionals these workshops help to create high visibility profiles and use stories to find the right partners and opportunities within the competitive and dynamic world of Linkedin.

  • Team

    Meet our international team



    Olga Yanovskaya

    Olga started her career in Russia and since then lived and worked in Europe, Latin America and Asia. She shares the vision that having more female role models helps to realise women´s leadership and creative potential.



    Marianna Yanovskaya

    Marianna has built a successful career in Finance in international environment. She is a leader passionate about women empowerment and has a sound experience in talent development.

    India leader

    Dhanasree Molugu

    Dhanasree focuses on emerging tech investments in Blume Ventures. She leads market research, building investment thesis and portfolio management.


    She holds the distinction of being Blume’s youngest team member and is a voracious reader who loves blogging about recent developments in sectors of interest. An alumnus of IIT Bombay, she was the first girl ever to be General Secretary of Academic Affairs (GSAA) at her college.

    Suzhou, China leader

    Deborah Quevedo

    As an internationally certified executive coach and with a decade of experience in corporate finance, Deborah empowers women to thrive in their personal and professional lives. She believes that in order to access the full spectrum that life offers, women need to identify their ambitions, plan a meaningful life path and cultivate positive emotions, healthy habits and relationships.

    China Marketing & Media

    Sirisha Chada

    Originally from India, Sirisha studied and worked in the US for several years before moving to China. Creative and innovative entrepreneur; Sirisha manages her Engineering and Trading company Indhan, LLC based in Shanghai and Houston, which works with Chemical and Pharmaceutical multinational companies.


    Over the past fifteen years, Sirisha worked in R&D to clone genes, managed multimillion dollar projects for Fortune 500 companies (Bayer) and led an Energy portfolio of over $100M for TPC group. She has a Master in Chemical Engineering from University of Tennessee, USA and holds patents in C4 technology.


    She loves acquiring new skills, exploring new interests and challenging herself. She sees herself as an explorer with a kind heart, fierce mind and brave spirit.


    Sirisha believes that with perseverance and dedication nothing is impossible. She love technology and is a leader in influencing young women to pursue careers in STEM. She is passionate about creating more avenues for women’s professional growth and mentorship.

    Fluent in four languages, Sirisha has a passion for learning new things. She loves politics, adventure, travelling to different places and discovering new cultures and cuisines.

    China Finance & Events

    Saikal Gerlach

    Kyrgyz by birth, German by Law and Cosmopolitan by Spirit, Saikal is a Professional in Internal Auditing and SAP-Consulting.

    In 2017 she joined Her Century where she contributes to the common mission of helping women to growth and to succeed serving as Director Finance & Events.

    Currently she is holding a Senior Management Position in Internal Audit. With University Degrees in Linguistic, Business Science and Information Systems Saikal started her professional career in IT-Consulting as CFO-Consultant managing implementation of SAP GRC Projects.

    As Auditor she has been enjoying working across diverse cultures during audit projects in India, Australia, Eastern Europe, South East Asia and China. During this time, she not only gained the deep understanding of business processes, but also of micropolitical dynamics and career development in the corporate world.

    Saikal would like to share her knowledge and experiences she gained on her way to the Senior Management Position. Based on her knowledge, studies and corporate experience, she developed an approach focusing on corporate career success factors for women.

    She truly believes that, to fulfill our personal mission, we must be mentally and physically strong. To prove her mental and physical fitness she took part twice at one of the hardest obstacle runs in Europe, Tough Mudder, with 22 obstacles spread over 17 km.

    She is fluent in 4 languages and currently mastering the 5th one-Mandarin; loves women photography and enjoys her life in this great city full of energy and transformational spirit.

  • Global Chapters

    HerCentury is a growing global network.

    We are now active in China, France, India and Spain


    We run monthly one on one mentoring sessions. We focus on careers development and entrepreneurship.



    We address a variety of subjects via Facebook and social media engagement.


    We provide one on one and group mentoring. Check-out our meetup group.


    In Madrid we focus on mentoring and workshops for teenager girls and STEM careers.


    We run monthly one on one mentoring sessions. We focus on careers development and entrepreneurship.


    We run monthly one on one mentoring sessions. We focus on careers development and entrepreneurship.

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